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Paul Mengert, AMG Founder and CEO, Always Tries to Give Back

December 20, 2017

Of course, the personnel there teach homeowners association and personnel how to be more effective and how to become an asset to the homeowners they serve. However, Paul Mengert’s AMG (Association Management Group) is also very active in the community. More specifically, they strive to make the surrounding community of Greensboro, North Carolina much better. That is just how Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, rolls.

In recent years, AMG has been involved in activities designed to those who live in the community, including a recent food drive for Greensboro Urban Ministry. That is not all, however. They have a solid charity program that has always worked for the benefit of local Greensboro charities. Paul Mengert and AMG has been able to provide more than $350,000 to local non-profits, after deducting expenses, to such worthy causes as Buddy Kemp Caring House, A Child’s Place, Catherine’s House, and many others. Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, firmly believes that anyone in his position should give a leg up to those in need because that is what makes people virtuous and strong.